Day 2 - Shauna

Ugh, Im STARVING and its only 10:30.  SUCKS.  This weird ass diet that I am on, is a 11 day cycle.  You eat really structured meals for 11 days, and then you can blow out for the next 3, and then back on the cycle.  But today is FRUIT DAY.  Yes, I love fruits but ALL DAY LONG?   They just are NOT FILLING.  AT ALL.  Sigh............... 

YES, I did have a little slip, I had a few of my daughter's valentine candy hearts, and then I felt so guilty that I pushed myself longer on the treadmill tonight.

My exercise today was 3.5 miles on the treadmill, at 3.5 mph, and an incline of level 5.  I was going to start out slow on my first exercise day, and it did take me 56 minutes when I used to do it in 45, but I'll get there.  I am just going to do cardio for my first week, and then next week I will start throwing in weight training into the mix.

Whew.............. off to the showers now.  Ta-ta. 

P.S.  Lori, where the frick are you???  This is supposed to be a JOINT blog, lol.  I hope you are working out right now!
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