Day 3 - Shauna

Wellllllll, I found out today that this diet is NOT conducive to exercise.  I definitely need more carbs to work out!  I had all protein and vegetables today, no carbs, then decided to try and work out.  After 1 mile on the treadmill the room started spinning, not a fun thing.  I ate some sugar (i know, BAD BAD BAD) then tried to workout  again, and 1 mile later, I was dizzy AGAIN.  Hey, at least I got 2 miles in though right?!? 

Like Lori said earlier, everything is trial and error.  I have lost a few pounds already this week, and already done 5 3/4 miles on the treadmill...........

Going to have to find a way to tweak this diet to better suit my work out schedule. Either that or diet one week, exercise next week..............hmmmmmmmmmm...........

Suggestions would be great if anyone has them!!!

til tomorrow...........tata 
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  1. peace_seeker

    It’s really dangerous to swear of carbs completely – the ONLY type of fuel that your brain can use is glucose, derived from carbs. If you are exercising, your body has to make the glucose from protein and fats in your body – a slow and inefficient process which creates dangerous waste products that cause you to feel tired and weak. If you keep low levels of complex (brown) carbs in your body, it will use those to fuel your brain and muscles, and slowly convert fats to energy to keep up your blood sugar – this is by a different metabolic process than previously mentioned, which is still inefficient but produces far fewer toxic waste products, and leaves you feeling better!

    I’m a physiology major in university, so that kind of stuff is what I’m studying. Message me if you have any questions or anything

    February 21, 2008