lori here, gosh for a few days I kind of forgot this existed.  It's easy to forget with work and kids and family stress going on.  But let's see it is saturday right now.... I shoveled SNOW for an hour, I'm sure that burned some calories!  And I am guessing I should be a little sore come tomorrow, but that is okay, my arms can use some toning.   It really is hard to focus and give myself the attention to weightloss and being healthy that I want too - Like a full time job in itself, and of course who has time for another fulltime I guess slowly I will get to make the changes and tweak the things and things will come together. 

I'm thinking a milf has got to be more than just a hot mom, LOL.... I want to strive for something that is that but a whole lot more too... confident, empowering, soft, energetic, happy.....put together.... as I glance around at my kitchen, which needs a little cleaning - as does the living room..It is like I need to overturn my entire environment so it will be serene and conducive to all the changes that I want to make within myself, physically and mentally....
On the plus notes of today though... Brianna is out and about with her girlfriends, thru many tears to get there, as it was looking like it was gonna fall thru again.  Jilly is out on the 4 wheeler with dad - and hannah is running from window to window watching them... So I am kind of gaining some time to do THIS - BLOG. 
I wish I worked at home and for myself, set my own everything, but I guess for now I need to make an exersice schedule - I CAN DO THAT. And a food menu for at least the next week, I CAN DO THAT also...
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