Okay, so this week has SUCKS ROYALLY for me.  On top of a shit load of personal drama, a bratty kid, and the 1,000 boxes of girl scout cookies on my living room floor right now (yes, i am the friggen cookie mom for my daughter's troop) and exercise just seemed like something that wasn't going to happen for me this week.  I won't even go into what my weekend is shaping up to be....... so this obviously isn't working this week.

I am going to start fresh again on Monday.........MIND FIRM and body ready for some ass kicking.

Wish me luck................(ummm.... Lori?  a little help here?  aren't we supposed to be supporting each other?)
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  1. shemelts

    Hey you, take a little break and take care of you first. Make time for that excercise and you will feel better about the entire week. I can’t imagine all those cookies at my house. I would want to devour them all. Good luck

    February 27, 2008